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Matthew Wiggins is a composer based in Kalamazoo, Michigan whose music explores incorporation of improvisatory forms with noise-based electronics. Their aim is to explore subjects such how they interpret the world with their neurodivergence and queerness. Presently, they exclusively use live electronics and physical computing in both composed and improvised works with sound and visual media.

Matthew’s recent performances have been at 2021 SCI National Conference, 2021 Charlotte New Music Festival, and the 2021 International Computer Music Conference. Recent festivals include the 2021 SPLICE Institute and Charlotte New Music Festival.


Matthew is currently pursuing a Master of Music in Composition at Western Michigan University where they are currently studying with Christopher Biggs. Matthew also received a Bachelor of Music from the University of North Texas where his teachers included Sungji Hong, Joseph Klein, and Panayiotis Kokoras. Current projects include their Master's thesis which will involve live improvisation with gyroscopic accelerometer sensors on the hands examining his autism and how that affects their communication. Current and tentative collaborations include a piano and electronics, organ and electronics, and countertenor and electronics works. Other projects include incorporating their thesis ideas into more improvised works.

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