Strife (2018)

This piece for bassoon solo takes a single bassoon multiphonic and stretches it to its limit by transforming it over time and using various different dynamics to control the spectra of the multiphonic.

Prism Angles (2018)

This piece is for Pierrot ensemble and features the concept of perspective both in physically and mentally over time. Each movement gives a different perspective from extremely smooth to extremely harsh.

Failing Structures (2019)

This piece explores how humans have impacted the global climate and environment by not mentioning failing artificial structures like towers and buildings but, rather, some of the largest structures in the world, the glaciers the Arctic and Antarctic. The piece tries to recreate the immensity of an enormous ice structure cracking by using samples like waves and simple ice cracking with a mesh reverberator, eight-channel granulator, and sampler. These both expand and manipulate the sound world to both give a sense of immense power but also a sense of impending doom. Since this piece is about the Arctic and Antarctic glacial structures, it would be ignorant to not think about climate change in a time where it is ever more crucial to try to go against it. By giving a sense of how it could feel to experience this event in a musical context, I hope that people start to take an issue most are already taking seriously to rise and take even more action. With a world that, quite frankly, is dying, making art about something like this is ever more crucial as it puts the issue in the forefront.

Velocity (2019)

Diverging Paths (2019)


Skeletons. score (2018)

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